• Braille Lithium Battery for Softail G20 - GreenLite (Automotive Spec)

Braille Lithium Battery for Softail G20 - GreenLite (Automotive Spec)

*This is KSO's recommended battery for Softails - we STRONGLY encourage you to choose the optional charger, made specifically for this Braille lithium battery*

At only 4.5 pounds, the GreenLite G20 is an automotive spec model designed for the Import Tuner of 4 & 6 cylinder street cars with low-moderate electrical demand.  The G20 is the common upgrade for those who run the Braille B2015 lightweight AGM battery and is also the same size as the PC680 but less than 1/3rd the weight, more power & capacity and last up to 5 times longer!  This is also a common size for Harley soft tail and other bikes that use the 20L size, but is just slightly too tall on the Dyna line, so a custom G14LS can be made in a case that is smaller but has the same internals. (G14LS is same price, but needs to be called in for custom build) The G20 Combo comes with a 6 amp lithium charger for $50 additional and should be used in vehicles that are not driven regularly to offset parasitic draw in most modern vehicles. Production lead time is typically 3-5 business days from time of order. If you need to expedite your order, please call us at 941-993-1812 after placing your order.


• Quicker starting (a full volt higher than lead and less voltage drop during cranking)

• 100% compatible with all standard charging systems

• Less horsepower draw from the alternator due to efficient charging (5 times faster than lead)

• Can be used in "Total Loss" (no alternator) applications

• Improved engine management & data logging performance (more stable voltage)

• Lasts 3-5 times longer (especially under the harshest environments),

• Much more reliable (less than 0.5% failure rate)

• Significant weight savings. (up to 1/4 the weight)

• Don’t self-discharge, so if the battery is disconnected (no draw or via power disconnect switch), they can sit for over a year and still have over 13 volts to start the vehicle.

To get all these benefits in one simple step makes it a very cost effective upgrade!!

   Physical Specs
BCI Group 20L

Width  3" / 76mm
Weight 4.5lbs / 2.04kg Height  6.25" / 159mm

7" / 178mm
Polarity  Right Side Positive


   Performance Specs

Full Voltage Charge  13.8
Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA) 697 Amp Hour (AH)   12.5
Lithium Amp Hour/Lead-Acid Equivalent 36

Reserve Capacity (min)
  • $549.99