2014-2021 "Twisted 8" Speaker Lid Audio Package w/ NEW Hertz ST35 Neos

Package Price – Comes in Pairs

For those of you looking for amazing sounds for the best quality sound these speakers are for you!

For motorcycle audio enthusiasts seeking the best quality sounds, Hertz Sound Systems has the best equipment. Depending on size, depth, frequencies you have a wide range of options to suit your listening preferences.

The NEO Series are light weight and shallow that offers a concert sound in a flat design that can virtually fit anywhere.

All of our 8 inch Speaker Grills will fit these lids

Note: All holes come pre-drilled with the exception of the horn/tweeter holes. This is because people like to utilize different size horns.

If you are running the ST25 NEO  you will need to utilize a 1 3/4 hole saw and if you are running the ST35 NEO  you will need utilize a 2 1/8 hole saw for these holes.

Includes pairs of

  • Twisted 8 Lids 
  • 8″ Hertz Audio Speakers
  • Hertz ST35 Horn


PACKAGE DEAL- $1,049.00

  • $1,049.00
  • $1,258.98